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January 18, 2022
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ITB - East Vilas Road Widening

Department: Roads Division/Program:
Project ID: 21-2021-61 Contact Name: Charles DeJanvier
Dept Project ID: Contact Email:
Project Type: Invitation to Bid Contact Phone: 541-774-6255
Release Date and Time: 1/7/2022 7:00:00 AM Contact Extension:
Due Date and Time: 2/2/2022 10:00:00 AM Award Date:
Opening Date and Time: 2/2/2022 10:00:00 AM

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed bids will be received at the Roads Administration Office, 200 Antelope Road, White City, Oregon, 97503, until 10:00 a.m. according to the administration office wall clock, February 2, 2022, for:


SCOPE OF PROJECT:   The work under this project includes all materials, labor, and equipment necessary for earthwork, grading, aggregate base construction, storm drainage, and other miscellaneous items of work as called for in the plans and specifications.

All bids are subject to the requirements of ORS Chapters 279, 279A-C, and 701, and the ordinances, rules, and regulations of Jackson County. Each bid must contain a statement as to whether bidder is a resident bidder as defined by ORS 279C.430.

This contract requires ODOT pre-qualification.

Copies of the bid specifications, plans, and other contract documents are available online at or at the Jackson County Roads Administration Office after 8:00 a.m. on January 7, 2022.  There is no charge for these documents.

Bid Opening will be conducted via conference call, immediately following Bid Close.

Date Entered Name Company Email Phone Number
12/30/2021 12:05:20 PM Sherry Bonham Jackson County 541-774-6204
1/5/2022 12:17:01 PM J Domis Jackson County Roads 541-774-6227
1/7/2022 6:45:43 AM Doc Mirino Net Gain Marketing 877-533-1680
1/7/2022 7:20:00 AM Charles DeJanvier Jackson County 541-774-6255
1/7/2022 8:08:03 AM Lori C Salem Contractors Exchange 503-362-7957
1/7/2022 8:18:50 AM Philip Graff LTM, Incorporated dba Knife River Materials 541-770-2960
1/7/2022 8:21:25 AM Plan Center Administration Abadan Plan Center 509-747-2964
1/7/2022 8:23:51 AM Nathan Thornton T3 Electrical & Construction LLC 5413011584
1/7/2022 8:28:25 AM Todd Carson JRT Construction 541-530-7850
1/7/2022 8:35:10 AM Mike Scardina Surface-Tech LLC 720-768-6854
1/7/2022 8:36:15 AM Brie Kidwell Contractor Plan Center 503-650-0148
1/7/2022 8:37:36 AM Steve Sparkman Central Pipeline 541-261-5905
1/7/2022 8:37:54 AM Stacie Steel Surface Tech 253-350-9076
1/7/2022 8:39:39 AM Rich Morgan Builders Exchange of Washington, Inc. 425-258-1303
1/7/2022 8:41:42 AM Tim O'Sullivan Medford Builders Exchange 5417735327
1/7/2022 8:47:48 AM Robyn Stevens Spokane Regional Plan Center 509-328-9600
1/7/2022 9:02:12 AM Jeff Matteson Klamath Builders Exchange 541-882-9480
1/7/2022 9:20:21 AM Schuyler Van Wart Central Pipeline Inc 541-826-2659
1/7/2022 10:04:53 AM Mike Hass Pacific Geosource 503-214-0376
1/7/2022 10:05:35 AM Mike Ussary Pilot Rock Excavation, Inc. 541-779-4916
1/7/2022 11:46:30 AM Alex Lavorato Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce 206-622-8272
1/7/2022 2:07:56 PM Scarsella Bros., Inc. Scarsella Bros., Inc. 253-872-7173
1/8/2022 8:39:46 AM Martha Lantz Construction Bid Source 888-786-9450
1/10/2022 3:25:59 AM Plan Room Daily Journal of Commerce Plan Center 503-274-0624
1/10/2022 7:51:58 AM Taylor Constructconnect 323-602-5079
1/10/2022 9:48:37 AM Diane J Chartier Douglas Plan Center 541-440-9030
1/10/2022 10:24:24 AM Bid Information Tri-City Construction Council 509-582-7424
1/10/2022 12:08:38 PM SWCA Southwest Washington Contractors Association (360)694-7922
1/10/2022 3:10:33 PM Jeremy Moritz Eugene Builders Exchange 541-484-5331
1/12/2022 12:39:20 PM Steve Collins Coughlin Company I, Inc. 435-922-1317
1/17/2022 6:32:38 PM Sean Metzger Metzger Land Surveying, LLC 541-727-2749