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September 26, 2023
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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: Crisis Communication Plan for Jackson County

Department: Administration Division/Program: Emergency Management
Project ID: 1-2023-4 Contact Name: Holly Powers
Dept Project ID: CAO 2023-001 Contact Email:
Project Type: Request for Proposal Contact Phone: 541-774-6035
Release Date and Time: 4/5/2023 8:00:00 AM Contact Extension:
Due Date and Time: 5/1/2023 3:00:00 PM Award Date:
Opening Date and Time: 5/1/2023 3:00:00 PM


Crisis Communication Plan for Jackson County

Jackson County is accepting proposals for the completion of a Crisis Communication Plan for emergencies in Jackson County.  The selection of a consultant shall be made on the "best value" basis considering such factors as experience, accreditation, and costs. Other factors to be considered may include, but are not limited to, quality, quantity, service, compatibility, product reliability, operating efficiency, expansion potential, time, and performance.

 The RFP packet, with information and instructions for submitting the RFP, may be requested on the County’s web page at  Packets may also be obtained during regular business hours at the County Administrator’s Office, 10 South Oakdale, Room 214, Medford, Oregon, or by calling (541) 774-6035.  The deadline for submitting proposals pursuant to the RFP is 3:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) on May 1, 2023.

Date Entered Name Company Email Phone Number
4/5/2023 11:31:29 PM Sarah haney IMS 858-490-5012
4/6/2023 8:54:50 AM Diane J Chartier Douglas Plan Center 541-440-9030
4/6/2023 12:33:40 PM Hagerty Consulting, Inc. Hagerty Consulting, Inc. 847-492-8454
4/6/2023 7:34:15 PM The Rodgers Co The Rodgers Company Land & Tree Management LLC 541-613-0373
4/6/2023 10:26:33 PM Doc Mirino Net Gain Marketing 877-533-1680
4/7/2023 10:04:57 AM David Moore PRR 206-713-8770
4/7/2023 11:02:41 AM Matthew Lieuallen Stantec Consulting Services Inc. 503-207-4381
4/7/2023 11:03:37 AM Lauri Stantec 303-579-3004
4/7/2023 4:57:37 PM Kelsie CJIS GROUP, LLC 850-926-9800
4/10/2023 2:27:28 PM Garrett S US Cellular 541-531-8727
4/11/2023 7:33:01 AM Matt Ford Pape' Machinery 541-630-0911
4/13/2023 5:15:25 AM Constant and Associates, Inc. Constant and Associates, Inc. 424-320-2580
4/13/2023 5:37:27 AM Bethany.Elliott CHEMTREC 571-766-3961
4/13/2023 6:36:15 AM Bid Clerk Prime Vendor 9108059630
4/13/2023 6:43:51 AM Jogan Health Jogan Health 720-416-4804
4/21/2023 10:21:38 PM PWXPress PWXPress 408-676-8941
4/26/2023 1:38:50 AM Steve Walse SevenOutsource 315-308-7852
7/6/2023 4:26:15 AM EmmaEli AITA 801-626-6611
8/7/2023 7:34:21 PM Blue Empress LLC Blue Empress LLC 217-803-0295
8/15/2023 8:13:43 AM tk/Communications tk/Communications LLC 323-384-1789