In-person FEMA assistance in Phoenix 7/30 thru 8/2

Survivors can meet with a FEMA representative in-person to discuss their application

If you already applied for Disaster Assistance with FEMA, but still have questions, FEMA representatives will be in Phoenix July 30th through August 2nd to help

FEMA Direct Temporary Housing Program

By the end of August 2021, FEMA expects to have installed enough transportable temporary housing units (aka FEMA trailers) to house all the fire survivors who have been approved to receive a unit.

La asistencia de FEMA en persona disponible 30 julio hasta 2 agosto

Si ya ha solicitado la ayuda federal por desastres a FEMA, pero todavía tiene preguntas sobre su solicitud, ¡AÚN HAY AYUDA DISPONIBLE!

Wildfire rebuilding status

See the status of rebuilding efforts for wildfire-damaged properties in Jackson County.

Wildfire debris cleanup status

Learn more about the timeline and progress of wildfire debris cleanup efforts.

Beware building contractor scams

Con artists may prey on wildfire survivors looking to rebuild

Watch out for con artists posing as contractors.  Scam attempts may come by phone, mail, email, or in person.  Follow these tips to protect yourself.