Housing Navigators help wildfire survivors find a stable home
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Housing Navigators help wildfire survivors find a stable home

Get help finding an apartment, paying rent, and more

Housing Navigators work to help 2020 wildfire survivors move into short-term or permanent housing as quickly as possible. They will help you search for housing and connect you with resources to make it easier to move to a more secure situation. They can:

  • Assist you with rental payments for up to 18 months, depending on your needs. This also includes paying for additional living expenses, even if you have insurance but it doesn’t pay for everything.
  • Help you develop your permanent housing plan, including addressing barriers for homeowners to rebuild or purchase a new home.
  • Help you locate available short-term and permanent housing.
  • Help you speak with landlords and prepare a rental application.
  • Help you with move-in costs, including rent and utility deposits.
  • Help you with resources such as furniture, etc., to settle comfortably into your new home.
  • Connect you with translation and/or interpretation services.

Contact the ACCESS Center for Community Resilience at 541-414-0318



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