Jackson County, Oregon 3336

Housing Options

Where will we live?

Fire survivors' greatest need is typically a place to live. This need comes in short, medium, and long term phases: Emergency shelter, temporary housing, and permanent housing replacement.

Phase 1: Emergency shelter

  • Until longer-term temporary housing is available, survivors can call the Wildfire Transition Assistance Hotline (833-669-0554) at any time with questions or concerns about temporary shelter.  Questions can also be sent by email to WildFires.2020@dhsoha.state.or.us.

Phase 2: Temporary housing

Rebuilding is a long process, and survivors may find themselves in a temporary housing situation for many months until their homes can be rebuilt.

  • Rental homes or apartments are a good option, though supply will be limited with so many displaced. Here are some places to look for rental housing:
  • Shared housing may be less expensive and easier to find than a private unit. Try these matching services to find a home to share:
  • FEMA Direct Temporary Housing. FEMA is providing direct housing to eligible survivors in the form of mobile or manufactured homes (e.g. "FEMA trailers"). Officials are working hard to implement direct housing solutions for eligible survivors as quickly as possible.  More information

  • RVs, "tiny homes," or similar non-permanent structures may be an option.  Knowing that nearby RV parks have very limited availability, the Cities of Medford (Executive Order 2020-03) and Phoenix (Executive Order 2020-01) have loosened regulations against sleeping in an RV outside of a designated RV park. Ashland has issued a similar order. Talent may allow use of RVs or other non-conforming housing with a temporary use permitJackson County (541-774-6907) is working to modify its rules for RVs in the unincorporated areas.  Contact your jurisdiction's Planning department directly if you have questions about what is or is not allowed.  Rogue Valley Sewer Services may be able to help with medium-term santiation hookups for RVs. If you need an RV and can't afford one, Rogue Retreat (541-499-0880) may be able to help.

Phase 3: Permanent Replacement

  • Some residents may find a permanent home in a new location, but most homeowners are eager to rebuild and return to the place they lived before. See the Rebuilding section for more information.