View Official Damage Assessment Online
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View Official Damage Assessment Online

Damage Assessment information from the Almeda and Obenchain fires can be explored via online at www.jacksoncounty.org/damagedashboard.  The dashboard provides a street-view photo of assessed properties.  It also provides the damage-level rating assigned to the property by local building officials.  These damage ratings correspond to the FEMA damage categories, which rate properties on a 5-level scale from Unaffected to Destroyed.  These categories affect the amount of financial assistance a property owner can receive from FEMA.

In addition to information for individual properties, the dashboard also provides overall statistics for the region.  Total counts of all properties assessed within the Almeda and Obenchain burn areas are broken out by damage level and property type. 

Data displayed on the dashboard is the latest available.  Damage ratings and counts update automatically in real-time when data is added or corrected.  As such, totals may change slightly over time.  Great effort went into making the data as complete and accurate as possible, and we are continuing to improve data quality as new information becomes available.  Dashboard users who discover errors or omissions in the data are encouraged to report them via a link in the online instructions.