Rebuilding lost structures

Need a permit to rebuild your lost home or building?  Visit or call the Wildfire Resiliency Permit Center.  

Need help replacing a lost manufactured home or finding a long-term rental?  Housing Navigators at the Center for Community Resilience at ACCESS can help.

Need other types of assistance?  Disaster Case Managers at the Long Term Recovery Group can connect fire survivors to a wide range of help.

See the articles below for more information.

Fire Hardening Grant Program

Fire Hardening Grant Program

If your home or business was lost or damaged in a wildfire during 2020, you may be eligible to receive more than
$6,000 in grant money for fire hardening of your home or business.

Wildfire Resiliency Permit Center

Expedited rebuilding permits for fire-affected structures in unincorporated areas

Wildfire Resiliency Permit Center

Beginning 9/20/21, the WRPC will provide expedited plan review and permits for fire-affected properties that are in the unincorporated areas of the county.


Con artists may prey on wildfire survivors looking to rebuild

Beware building contractor scams

Watch out for con artists posing as contractors.  Scam attempts may come by phone, mail, email, or in person.  Follow these tips to protect yourself.


Build back better with an energy-smart MH

Cash incentives for new manufactured homes

Lost your Manufactured Home to wildfire?  It pays to replace it with a new, energy-efficient model.  Three sources of cash incentives are available to help fire survivors build back better.  


Build back better

Cash incentives for energy-efficient construction

The Energy Trust of Oregon offers cash incentives and design assistance to help fire survivors build back stronger with more energy-efficient homes and buildings.  Programs for both residential and commercial constructions are available.