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Is Your Street Light Dark? 25 January 2021

Is Your Street Light Dark?

Is it in White City?

Many of the street lights in the White City area are part of a special taxing district called the White City Lighting District.  Jackson County Roads manages the District and if a light is out we want to know about it!  
It's That Time Of Year Again - Potholes Can Pop Up Anywhere It Seems 24 December 2020

It's That Time Of Year Again - Potholes Can Pop Up Anywhere It Seems

Keep a lookout for these road hazards - and let us know if you see one or more on a county road.

GPS Winter Use Warning 15 December 2020

GPS Winter Use Warning

Don't blindly follow your GPS in a winter storm

News stories continue to surface where unprepared travelers follow their GPS routing app into hazardous driving conditions attempting to avoid road closures - sometimes resulting in rescues being required.  Don't get trapped!

Winter Driving – We’re Ready, Are You? 25 November 2020

Winter Driving – We’re Ready, Are You?

Winter road conditions require a special set of skills to help ensure safe travel - some do not even involve driving.  Are you ready for the hazards and do you know how to mitigate them?

Sanding, De-icing, and Plowing 25 November 2020

Sanding, De-icing, and Plowing

Do you know how these activities are used in our county in the winter months?

Firewood Pieces Along County Roads.... 25 November 2020

Firewood Pieces Along County Roads....

Who Do They Belong To?

The issue of who owns firewood left along the roadside is always a hot topic in some areas of our county.  So who does it belong to?  Keep reading to find out who gets to keep that highly-prized firewood you may occasionally see...

Current Work and Road Projects

Online Road Files

Gravel Road Information

Jackson County Roads is focused on maintaining our public road right-of-ways. To that end, we and our contractors are out in force most every day performing maintenance and construction work. The graphic above links to our projects page where you can access information about what we are accomplishing, including a list of what we plan to work on each day. See the Happening Today! - Daily Projects PDF to get information to help you plan your travel routes.

Adopt-A-Road Program

volunteers picking up trash

Jackson County Roads has a program to provide citizens who are concerned with Jackson County’s environment an opportunity to control litter and improve the appearance of the county road system. Learn about our Adopt-A-Road Program.

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