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September 21, 2023
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Disposal of Scrap


From time to time our department generates items or materials which we need to dispose of in some way.  We do our best to limit what ends up in the landfill and have an extensive recycling program.  We sometimes generate items which we recognize have some value, yet the options to dispose of them are limited or are handled in different ways.  Following are listings of items by category.

Items for sale directly to the public in White City (when available):

  • Wood sign posts – usually less than 8’ usable length - $0.25/linear foot
  • Waste wood – various shapes/sizes/types - $1.00/load
  • Pallets - $1.00 each

Items which MAY be available directly to the public from remote crews at no cost:

NOTE: Access to a proper dump spot is many times a limiting factor as trucks are large and heavy and require solid ground.

  • Wood pieces including trunks and stumps
  • Wood chips – typically a full 10cy truck load
  • Ditch waste including dirt, rocks, and mud
  • Asphalt grindings


Items we do not sell daily, but which may be sold at auction or disposed of through sales to scrap dealers or recycling centers:

  • Culvert pipe
  • Metals such as steel, iron and aluminum
  • Barrels
  • Broom cores
  • Traffic cones
  • Vehicle or equipment maintenance fluids such as oil, antifreeze, fuels, cleaners, etc.

Public auction items (typically sold online):

  • Vehicles
  • Rolling stock and equipment
  • Miscellaneous items, equipment and other scrap


For items generated in the field such as ditch waste our preference is to dispose of this material in the most cost-effective manner which at times will include delivering it to a nearby property owner who is interested in using the material for other purposes.  If our crews are working in your vicinity and you are interested in obtaining the material to be disposed of please contact one of our on-site crew members.  Please note, some material may be of use to us and we will keep it or haul it elsewhere.  Also, there are many times other circumstances can affect our ability to deliver material such as the location and condition of the dump site, access issues, and other factors.

If you have any questions about our disposal programs please contact our office at 541.774.8184.  We are open from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday to help answer your questions.