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December 03, 2020
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Winter Driving – We’re Ready, Are You? 25 November 2020

Winter Driving – We’re Ready, Are You?

Winter road conditions require a special set of skills to help ensure safe travel - some do not even involve driving.  Are you ready for the hazards and do you know how to mitigate them?

Sanding, De-icing, and Plowing 25 November 2020

Sanding, De-icing, and Plowing

Do you know how these activities are used in our county in the winter months?

Firewood Pieces Along County Roads.... 25 November 2020

Firewood Pieces Along County Roads....

Who Do They Belong To?

The issue of who owns firewood left along the roadside is always a hot topic in some areas of our county.  So who does it belong to?  Keep reading to find out who gets to keep that highly-prized firewood you may occasionally see...
Pedestrian Safety 9 October 2020

Pedestrian Safety

Look Out Before You Step Out, and Drive Carefully

Consider sharing some of this information about pedestrian safety with your family and friends today.  There are things to learn, or be reminded of, for both pedestrians and drivers.

Leaves, leaves, and more leaves 2 October 2020

Leaves, leaves, and more leaves

You can help to minimize this annual impact

The fall season brings with it the annual process of many trees shedding their leaves.  Did you know this can create quite the problem for some drainage facilities?

18 March 2020

Modified Access to Roads Offices

We are limiting in-person visits to our office where possible

In the interest of protecting the safety of both Jackson County's citizens and our employees, we are conducting business via telephone, email, and the internet whenever possible.