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Where Will We Be Chip Sealing The Summer Of 2018?

  • 6 June 2018
  • Author: J Domis
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Where Will We Be Chip Sealing The Summer Of 2018?

We know bicyclists love to get this information - it definitely helps them plan their route to avoid riding on a rougher surface.

Many of you know by now why we chip seal so much - it is a very cost-effective maintenance treatment.  And while there can be some frustrations with the way it looks (and driving slower for a while) the reality is the alternative is unaffordable.

We've provided two listings of our chip seal plans this year.  The first is simply an alphabetical list of road names around our county which will be sealed.  The second list is back this year - a route list showing how the work will actually progress.  You will note the second list looks a bit confusing since it can list the same road twice or even three times in some areas.  This is because the route many times is doing only one lane of the road.  We will work in the same direction for a while, possibly turning onto multiple roads and then at the end we will turn around and apply the chip seal in the other lane on the way back.  Think of the route like running a road race - out several roads to a turn around point and then running back the way you came on the other side of the road.

As you can imagine, our advance planning can be hampered at times by weather and other unforeseen events.  We thank you in advance for your patience.  Work will begin in earnest in mid-July around the 9th of the month.

Lastly, one of the nice things about chip sealing is the rate at which we move along.  At approx. 300 feet a minute we can be there and gone in short order.  For more information check out the article we did before on chip sealing as well as another article titled '9 Steps to a Good Roadway Surface.'

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