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September 22, 2023
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Special Info

people walking along county roadsideSpecial permits are just that - special!  This permitting process is used for many different actions which do not fit into our other permit categories yet need some structure around them for the safety of the traveling public as well as those performing the work.  Due to safety concerns or other restraints, not all requests may be granted.

Do I Need This Permit?

This permit is needed if you will be working in the road right-of-way or on our property and your actions will impact the traveling public or safety of the right-of-way.  Common examples of when to obtain a permit include:

  • Trimming or removing a tree
  • Logging, including decking/loading
  • Surveying work involving flaggers/lane closures

NOTE: For special events such as bike races, running events and parades, please download and complete the Special Event Permit Application form.  These types of events are coordinated by Jackson County's Risk Management Office which can be reached at 541-774-6011.

Summary of Process

How to Start - Call us to speak to staff or set up an appointment if needed.  Please have a basic plan for your event ahead of time and plan to bring any related materials with you to your appointment if needed.


  • Contact Roads to ensure the road to be impacted is a county road (as opposed to city, state or private).
  • Consult with our permit staff to determine if a Special Permit is necessary and the action requested is allowed.
  • Provide any required information which may be specific to your event.
  • Pay the fee associated with this permit (cash, check, or credit card including over the phone).
  • Your permit can then be mailed to you (or faxed if you prefer).
  • NOTE: When a permit is issued and includes referenced plans provided by the permit applicant and prepared by an Oregon Registered Professional Engineer, the permit applicant shall retain the stamping engineer as the Engineer of Record (EOR) for the work covered by the permit.  If the stamping engineer is not retained by the permit applicant, other arrangements will have to be made by the permit applicant to provide an alternate EOR.  The arrangements for an alternate EOR must be approved by the County Engineer.

Fee(s) - $125.00 (subject to change during annual fee update process)

Timing - your initial contact with our office will begin the process of consulting with our permit staff.  Depending on the scope of the request it may be possible to develop a plan of approach over the phone in a short time.  In other complex cases there may be an appointment required to review the request.  Once the permit application process is underway it will likely take about a week or up to two weeks depending on a variety of factors to issue you a permit.  Your project or event can then begin when you have the permit in hand.

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tips & tricks

  • be sure to start the process well ahead of when you want the project to begin.
  • gather necessary information before your first call to our office.
  • it may be possible you can obtain this permit and complete it fully without having to come into our office - by paying with a credit card the entire process can be completed using things like phone/mail/fax/email.  note, sometimes an appointment may be required to review documents and expectations.
  • don't forget to "Call Before You Dig", especially for tree stump removal as an example - safety first!
  • Be sure to read your permit carefully and note all requirements.
  • Permits are only valid for the project scope and extent as described in the permit.


  • No standardized documents are used with this type of permit.