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September 26, 2023
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Transportation Info

Transportation permits are required to be obtained any time over-dimensional vehicles or loads are moved on Jackson County roads.  Permits are good for one year from the date of issue unless otherwise noted.

Additionally, load-limited roads may be used with advance permission.  Carriers should call our office and be ready to provide company name, road name and delivery site address, product hauled, number of loads and approximate move date/time.  In special circumstances, carriers may request a permission letter be issued which is good for one year - an example would be a business located along a load-limited portion of roadway which may haul multiple loads daily.

Do I Need This Permit?

Legal maximum overall dimensions for Jackson County roads are as follows:

  • Width - 8' 6"
  • Height - 14' 0"
  • Length - 75' 0"
  • Weight - 80,000 pounds

There are a variety of annual over-dimensional permits available to match specific needs as well as a 5-day special transportation permit for moving buildings and mobile homes.

Summary of Process

How to Start - Call us or come into our office with the information noted in the 1st bullet of the 'Steps' section below.


  • Make application for the permit in person at our office or via mail or phone.  Necessary information includes:
    • Vehicle owner
    • Mailing address
    • Vehicle number
    • Serial number (last 6 digits)
    • PUC/Plate number
    • Type of permit requested - be sure to call us if you have any questions.
  • Pay the necessary fee - we can take a credit card payment over the phone if needed.  Be sure to provide us your phone number if we need to call you.
  • We will issue the permit while you wait or can send it to you via mail, fax, or email.
  • Permits need to be in the vehicle during the over-dimensional move.

Fee(s) - (subject to change during annual fee update process)

  • Annual transportation permits are $8.00 per vehicle.
  • Single trip/special transportation permits are $8.00 per move.

Timing - the initial office work or phone call may take 10 minutes or so and we can then issue the permit while you wait at the counter or send to you as soon as it is printed.

Tips & Tricks

  • Gather necessary information before you come into our office or call - see details above.
  • You can obtain this permit and complete it fully without having to come into our office - by paying with a credit card the entire process can be completed using things like phone/mail/fax.
  • Some over-dimensional moves may require pilot vehicles as follows:
    • 9' 1" to 11' 0" - one front pilot vehicle.
    • 11' 1" to 18' 0" - two pilot vehicles (one front and one rear).
    • 18' 1" to 21' 0" - three pilot vehicles (two front and one rear).
    • Over 21' - contact our office for special instructions.
    • Over 105' in length - one rear pilot is required for all moves (width dimensions noted above may warrant additional pilot(s) in front).
  • Check out the listing of load-limited roads and bridges.  To use a load-limited roadway, the shortest portion of the road needed to access the destination should be used, even if that requires 'going around' on a longer route.
  • Loads greater than 15' 6" in height require an advance vehicle with a height pole attached.
  • Over-dimensional loads are typically restricted to be moved during daylight hours - moving at night increases hazards significantly.
  • Permission is never granted to use a load-limited bridge - loads shall be legalized or a different route used.
  • If your move involves city streets, please contact the appropriate city jurisdiction and if your move involves state highways, please contact ODOT's Motor Carrier Division.


A listing of load-limited roads and bridges can be found here.

Oregon State Highway Division Extended Weight Tables