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October 17, 2018
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Jackson County Roads is focused on maintaining our public road system and we are out working almost every day of the year.  This work can have an impact on motorists, and therefore we want to tell you where we plan to be working.  To see a daily list of locations, just open the PDF to the left under the 'Happening Today' title.  For our larger projects there is more information offered below and on the left.  If you have questions about our short-term or long-term projects which are not answered here, please send us an email or give us a call at 541.774.8184.

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Hwy 62 Expressway Project - Various County Road Impacts

Hwy 62 Expressway Project - Various County Road Impacts

ODOT's project will have several impacts to county roadways in the area.

Author: J Domis/Wednesday, March 8, 2017/Categories: News, Current Projects, Oregon 62 Expressway - County Road Impacts

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and contractor Knife River have begun work on a major improvement to the road network between the North Medford I5 Interchange and White City areas.  Known as the Oregon 62 Expressway Project, this multi-year construction project is scheduled to be completed in late 2018.

With some entirely new roadways and bridges being constructed along new routes this project will change how traffic moves between the White City and Medford areas in many different ways.  Full project information can be found on ODOT's website.

During this project there will be various construction-related impacts to users of county roads.  Additionally, some county roadways will be modified and realigned to function different than they do today.  A short summary list of the roadways impacted follows:

  • Agate Road between East Gregory Road and Highway 62.  This portion of road will close permanently during construction and will reopen as a dedicated ramp to access the new expressway toward Medford.  Current users of this roadway section who want to access Highway 62 will switch on March 13, 2017 to using Leigh Way.
  • East Gregory Road (east of Highway 62).  Construction of a new 'frontage road' running parallel to Highway 62 will connect this portion of East Gregory Road southward to a redesigned intersection with Corey Road.  Direct access between East Gregory and Highway 62 will be eliminated.
  • Corey Road at the intersection of Crater Lake Avenue and Highway 62.  This intersection will be redesigned and the current direct access to Highway 62 will be eliminated.  Under the new design, Corey Road users will travel south on Crater Lake Avenue to a new access point for Highway 62 at the existing Fowler Lane alignment.
  • Crater Lake Avenue from Corey Road to south of Fowler Lane.  Various changes in alignment of this roadway will be made to accommodate different traffic patterns.
  • Justice Road (and Peace Lane).  Justice Road will be 'split' by the new Expressway eliminating the current ability to travel between Highway 62 and Vilas Road using Justice Road and Peace Lane.  The effective date of this planned change is September 11, 2017.
  • Vilas Road.  An overcrossing will be constructed which spans over Vilas Road near Highway 62.


ODOT and Knife River will be updating their public information frequently including the project website page as well as communicating to affected motorists and property owners via signs and other methods.  Questions regarding this project should be directed toward Gary Leaming - ODOT's Public Information Specialist.  Contact information is available on the project page.


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