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May 15, 2021
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Jackson County Roads is focused on maintaining our public road system and we are out working almost every day of the year.  This work can have an impact on motorists, and therefore we want to tell you where we plan to be working.  To see a daily list of locations, just open the PDF to the left under the 'Happening Today' title.  For our larger projects there is more information offered below and on the left.  If you have questions about our short-term or long-term projects which are not answered here, please send us an email or give us a call at 541.774.8184.

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Carberry Creek Road Reopens to Traffic

Carberry Creek Road Reopens to Traffic

Slide cleanup project complete

Author: Roads/Thursday, September 1, 2016/Categories: Carberry Creek Road Slide

Carberry Creek Road reopened to traffic on September 1, 2016 after slide debris completely blocked the roadway last winter.  Contractor Walker's Excavation completed work ahead of schedule and motorists can once again travel on this section of remote roadway.

Over 5,000 cubic yards of material were removed as part of the contract.  Concrete barrier will be installed at the bottom of the slope to prevent any additional loose material from rolling into the roadway as winter weather impacts the site in the not-to-distant future.  Emergency service providers have been notified this route can once again be used.

Many thanks go to the countless residents and other road users who have had to endure an extended detour period with some users affected significantly by this route closure.  By waiting and allowing the slide material to dry out through the summer it was able to be removed without incident and with safety remaining a top priority.


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