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New Stop Signs on Antelope Road as well as Avenue A

Look for new traffic control devices at two White City area intersections

  • 2 October 2020
  • Author: J Domis
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New Stop Signs on Antelope Road as well as Avenue A

As you may have seen, the new Highway 140 roundabout which will connect to both Atlantic Avenue as well as the newly constructed extension of Foothill Road is just about to open fully.  Contractors are expected to open the new intersection by mid-October.

In anticipation of additional traffic using Atlantic Avenue between Highway 140 and Antelope Road there are a few changes in traffic control in the area.

First, at the intersection of Avenue A and Atlantic Avenue the traffic on Avenue A now has to stop at this intersection.  At the same time, traffic moving along Atlantic Avenue no longer needs to stop at this intersection.

Secondly, at the intersection of Antelope Road and Atlantic Avenue, this is now a 4-way stop.

To help drivers notice these changes we have installed additional advance warning devices such as signs and flags, as well as temporary additional stop signs to ensure the changes are noticed while local driver habits are modified in these areas.  We also purposefuly implement these changes a little bit ahead of the 'full opening' so people can begin to get used to the new controls in a safer setting with less traffic.

As this project finishes up in the weeks to come, please continue to watch for construction activity and workers, and SLOW DOWN when in the area.  And as drivers find new routes to get where they are going, please keep speeds slow in the general area.

Call our office at 541-774-8184 if you have any questions.


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