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Signs Damaged or Down? - We Want To Know!

  • 21 February 2020
  • Author: J Domis
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Signs Damaged or Down? - We Want To Know!

While it is true that some signs are more critical to safe travelling (such as stop signs) than others, all of our signs are important.  From that perspective, we want to know if they are damaged, knocked down, or in any way not working right so we can fix them.  Whether it is a simple street sign to help visiting relatives find your home, a curve warning sign to help a new driver negotiate an unfamiliar roadway, or a stop sign at a busy intersection, all of these types of signs are important and should be in good working order – up, visible, and understandable.

In accordance with national requirements and manufacturers guidelines, Jackson County replaces each of its warning and regulatory signs after it has been on the roadway for 10 years. This keeps the signs from becoming faded or losing their reflectivity. Guidance signs, such as street signs, are usually replaced every 10 years, although there is no requirement.   

As you may know, the various signs you see as you travel around our area are managed by various agencies.  Our ‘county roads’ are typically found outside city limits, but are not state highways or the interstate.  Typical county roads include Old Stage Road, Antelope Road, Dead Indian Memorial Road and Butte Falls Road.  Overall, we manage over 760 miles of roads with over 14,000 signs installed!  That is A LOT of ground to cover, therefore we appreciate your reports of problems.  To report sign damage (or any other problem along our roads) you can call us at 541.774.8184 or use our ‘Report-A-Problem’ form on the website.

For your information, State-managed roadways such as Interstate 5 and highways such as 62, 140, 234, 238 and 66 are the responsibility of the Oregon Department of Transportation.  You can report a problem directly to their dispatch center at 541.858.3103.  Also, if the problem is inside city limits, please contact the appropriate city department.

Thank you for working with us to keep our signage in the best shape possible.


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