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June 01, 2023
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Contacting an Inmate

Letters delivered by the US Postal Service
Letters may be any size the post office delivers, with maximum dimensions of 10 inches tall by 13 inches wide. All correspondence must include your name and return address.

Books must be ordered and sent directly from the publisher or (You may not send books directly to an inmate.) All books must be new. The publisher’s address must be imprinted on the package or mailing label. Books may be up to nine by twelve inches in size. They must not have a plastic or metal binding. Hardbound books are not allowed.

How can I send the mail?
We only allow inmates to receive mail sent through the US Postal Service. We do not accept hand, courier or commercially delivered mail. We will not accept mail with postage due.

Do you open and inspect mail?
All incoming and outgoing mail is subject to opening and inspection by jail staff.

Introduction of contraband into a correctional facility is a class c felony under ors 162.185 and is punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $100,000.

This includes mail with inappropriate words or images. Contraband content is anything that may threaten the safety, security or good order of the jail. This includes content that—

  • Threatens, plans, encourages, instructs in activity that is criminal, or violates jail rules
  • Could result in physical harm to anyone
  • Is gang-related material
  • Is sexually explicit material
  • Is inflammatory material - anything that incites or advocates physical violence, supremacy or hatred of a class or group of people
  • Is code or suspected code
  • Is in a foreign language that we are unable to translate in a timely manner
  • Is fraudulently marked as legal or official mail
  • Contains stickers, decals, plastic coating, tape or glue
  • Contains more than 5 photos (No Polaroids)
  • Foreign substances, such as bodily fluids, lipstick, perfume, glitter, glue, paint, and anything with unusual stains or odors

What happens if I mail contraband?
One of four things will happen if we find contraband in your mail:

  • We will return it to you.
  • We will confiscate it and not let the inmate have access to it until they are released from custody.
  • We will destroy it if it presents a health or safety hazard.
  • We will confiscate it as evidence in a criminal investigation.
 Depending on the degree of contraband violation, a jail command officer may restrict any future correspondence you have with an inmate. 
Inmates may receive no more than five (5) photographs in an envelope. Do not send Polaroid photos.  Inappropriate pictures or photos will cause your mail to be rejected. 
If your mail is returned to you, per our mail policy, you will receive written notification. Our rule states “if the jail staff intends to reject or confiscate any incoming mail, the sender will be notified within 7 days. We will include a description and explanation.  The sender has 14 days to return a written request for a hearing. If no return address is given, the item will be confiscated.
The purpose of this form is to comply with our responsibility to notify the sender, which includes a description and explanation for the refusal.
The sender may submit a written request, within 14 days, for a hearing to:
Graveyard Supervisor
Jackson County Jail
787 W 8th Street
Medford, OR 97501

Anyone can send mail to an inmate with some restrictions. We will not accept mail from—

  • An inmate in another corrections-monitored facility or treatment center. 
  • A victim of a crime that the inmate is in custody for either in pretrial or sentenced status.
  • A person acting as a go-between for inmates by redirecting mail between two or more people to undermine jail rules. 

In certain circumstances, a jail command officer may further restrict an inmate’s personal correspondence with certain people. 

Clearly write the inmate’s complete name. Do not use nicknames. If you know the inmate’s middle name or initial and booking number, please include those. Send mail to this address: 
(Inmate's Name)
Jackson County Jail
787 W 8th Street
Medford, OR 97501 
Include your return name and address on the letter!  We WILL NOT deliver nor hold inmate mail that is missing a return address. 

Please handwrite your return address rather than using gummed or adhesive labels. We remove labels from mail before giving it to the inmate. Without a return address, the inmate may not be able to write to you because he or she will not know your address. 

You may send cashier’s checks and money orders for credit to an inmate’s account by mail.   You may send cash, but we DO NOT recommend it. We will not accept payroll, personal, business, or two-party checks. We will not deliver any letter or note to the inmate that you enclose with money. Address the envelope to:

Jackson County Jail
ATTN: Admin Assistant
787 W 8th Street
Medford, OR 97501
 Make money orders payable to “Jackson County Jail for (insert inmate’s name)”

Method: Money orders
Limit: $100 per sender per week

Method: Cashier checks 
Limit: $100 per sender per week
We will not deliver any letter or note to the inmate that you enclose with money.  All correspondence will be in mailed in a separate envelope.

Who can answer my questions?
You can call the jail at (541) 774-6850, if you have a question about inmate mail.

May I call to confirm delivery of an item?
No, it is the inmate’s responsibility to contact you to let you know they received something you mailed.  You may send a letter to the inmate if you want to confirm delivery of an item.

Who can discuss a complaint with me about inmate mail?
You can contact a jail representative by calling (541) 774-6850, Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. if you have a complaint about inmate mail.
You can write to the Jail Commander at this address:

Jail Commander
Jackson County Jail
787 W 8th Street
Medford, OR 97501