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September 23, 2023
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COVID Issue Dealt With At Jail

On Monday February 22, 2020 Jail Administration was informed that several Adults-In-Custody (AIC) who share a housing unit were feeling symptoms consistent with Covid-19. Jail Medical Staff offered tests to the eleven AIC’s housed in the unit, ten of whom opted for the test. These individuals have been housed together for 23 days at the time the tests were administered.

On Wednesday, Jail Medical Staff was informed that preliminary lab results showed all ten samples were positive for Covid-19. Sheriff’s Office and Jail Medical Staff immediately implemented the established additional protocols to limit potential spread of the virus within the facility.

All eleven AIC’s who are housed together in the unit are presumed/confirmed to be positive for Covid-19. They are lodged and awaiting trial for allegedly committing serious person crimes. The severity of the charges, which range from Sex abuse 2, Rape 1, and Federal Holds, preclude the possibility of releasing the individuals back in to the community, at this time. We must consider the safety of the community when decisions are made as to who is released from jail.

All involved AIC have been quarantined in place and are being monitored by medical staff multiple times each day. At this point all of the individuals exhibit only minor symptoms which can be adequately treated within the facility.

Jail Staff is working on contact tracing within the facility, both to determine the possible source of the spread and to reduced further positive cases. At this point no source has been identified and the spread appears to be isolated to the one housing unit.

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