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September 26, 2021
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Identity Theft Case Grows

Identity Theft Case Grows


The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Marshal’s Office continues to investigate numerous identity thefts involving suspect, Blake Walker, 29, of Castro Valley, California.  Walker was arrested in Medford on September 3, 2014 at the Comfort Inn.

 Law enforcement obtained a search warrant for the hotel room Walker was staying in and found a large amount of evidence.  Through that evidence, it has been determined Walker fraudulently purchased a $109,000 Mercedes from Mercedes of Medford on August 30, 2014.  That vehicle was seized, searched, and then returned to Mercedes of Medford.

 It was also determined Walker fraudulently purchased $2,500 in furniture from C.H. Furnishings in Medford.  The furniture was being stored in a storage unit off Vilas Road.  It too has been returned to C.H. Furnishings.

 Also found in the hotel room was the paperwork and keys for brand new 2015 Ford Explorer.  The vehicle was identified as stolen out of Modesto, California.   Detectives determined Walker stole the vehicle from California then drove it to southern Oregon.  At the time of his arrest, the whereabouts of the Ford Explorer was unknown.

 On Monday, September 15, 2014, the 2015 Ford Explorer was located.  After Walker arrived in Medford, he parked the stolen vehicle in a back parking lot at Lithia Toyota of Medford.

 The case is still ongoing.  Walker has since been extradited to California to face numerous charges and warrants.  Once those are dealt with he will return to Jackson County to face the charges here.  At this point there have not been any charges filed, due to the complexity of this investigation and its numerous victims in countless jurisdictions.  Once detectives have gone through all the evidence and identified the victims, and items fraudulently obtained charges will be filed in the appropriate jurisdictions.  

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