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March 30, 2023
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JCSO Weekly Update - Operations
JCSO Public Relations Officer
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JCSO Weekly Update - Operations

This year we have implemented a professional policing strategy to help us better serve our community.  While we have been struggling to maintain staffing levels over the last several years, it has not stopped us from trying to find the most efficient methods to deal with problems.  The policing strategy we have adopted uses components of many other proven methods to deal with criminal, social, and livability issues within the county.

This strategy can expand to multiple levels of complexity when needed.  At this time, we are using fundamental methods of crime analysis, policing, and problem solving to deal with issues.  As we increase staffing and become more versed in problem oriented policing, we will broaden our strategy and increase our effectiveness. 

We have already had some success stories we are proud of.  One example is our response to a “nuisance property” that was generating numerous calls for service.  The law abiding citizens who had the unfortunate circumstance of living near this location were unable to enjoy their otherwise quiet neighborhood.  The patrol sergeant responsible for the area that contained this property began soliciting help from our crime analyst and then patrol deputies.  As a group, they made a point to patrol the area frequently and contact the many people coming and going from the property.

This collaborative effort led to many arrests and citations.  But more importantly, it showed those who live in the area that their concerns were important to us.  Jackson County Code Enforcement helped by addressing code violations, eventually boarding up the residence altogether.  Since then, the calls for service have diminished, the good folks who live in the area have their neighborhood back, and now our deputies are free to patrol other areas of the county.  

This is just one example of how addressing a problem at the root cause can ultimately lead to reduced calls for service and a positive outcome for the residents of Jackson County.  Public safety is not just a policing issue, it is a community issue.  We enjoy opportunities to partner with our citizens and county government to deal with issues in Jackson County.  We will continue to do our very best to solve the problems that affect our citizens the most.


Captain Nathan Sickler

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