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September 25, 2021
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JCSO Weekly Update - Sheriff Falls
JCSO Public Relations Officer
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JCSO Weekly Update - Sheriff Falls

We are in a new era of policing. Law enforcement agencies are realizing what was done in the past can be done differently today. This is not to say what was done in the past was wrong, but it is time to make changes. At the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, we are making changes to ensure we are providing a professional level of service for today’s policing environment.

We have taken the opportunity to critique and evaluate our organization and how we provide a professional level of service. We assessed our resources, staffing needs, deficiencies, and organizational culture so we could prepare for the future. This was done with internal & external audits, evaluations, and inspections. We partnered with the Police Foundation to conduct a strategic study for our organization. An inspection of our jail was completed by the Oregon Jail Standards staff and a review of the annual Special Corrections Grand Jury Report was completed.

After taking all information into account and listening to the wants and needs from our citizens in Jackson County, we have developed strategic goals to make improvements.  I have created a report outlining those goals and the ways we plan to achieve them.  


  • Provide a professional level of service with the resources provided, while keeping citizens and deputies safe. 

    • The Sheriff’s Office is budgeted to provide a basic level of service with full staffing.  Full staffing means all positions are filled and staff are fully trained to work independently.  This rarely happens.  It is imperative to continue our aggressive recruitment and retention process.  Without full staffing, we are unable to provide a basic level of service.

  • Improve public safety by efficiently managing sustainable jail operations.

    • An efficiently managed jail improves offender accountability and allows for offenders to get into programs to rehabilitate.

  • Improve quality of life by effectively deploying field resources.

    • Effectively deploying resources will assist with reducing crime and solving problems.

  • Improve morale and ethical fitness for all employees.

  • Reduce Liability with strategic resource allocation and professional training.

The full report is available through a photo link on the JCSO homepage or by clicking on this link to go directly to the report. 

Thank you for your support,


Sheriff Corey Falls

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