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October 03, 2023
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JCSO Weekly Update - Sheriff Falls
JCSO Public Relations Officer
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JCSO Weekly Update - Sheriff Falls

Over the winter, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office had the opportunity to work with the Police Foundation (PF) on a study of different aspects of our office.  Specifically, the PF looked at our patrol operations, traffic team, and our investigations division.  Here's a little summary of the work done by the Police Foundation, taken from their website:

“The purpose of the Police Foundation is to help the police be more effective in doing their job, whether it be deterring robberies, intervening in potentially injurious family disputes, or working to improve relationships between the police and the communities they serve. To accomplish our mission, we work closely with police officers and police agencies across the country, and it is in their hard work and contributions that our accomplishments are rooted.” 

The Police Foundation conducted interviews with our staff.  They held community focus groups that included citizens from residential communities, businesses, social service providers, and civic organizations.  This information was collected for the purpose of helping us develop a strategic plan for JCSO.  We will use the PF study as a guide, keeping in mind that their recommendations may or may not be appropriate for our office.  Over the next couple of months, our staff will work with other stakeholders to develop a strategic plan to continue to move our organization into a position to provide the best services with the resources we are allocated. 

A preliminary review of the report indicates there is a lot of valuable information to assist our organization.  After a short introduction and describing the duties of the sheriff, the PF report discusses the following areas of concern: patrol staffing, most frequently dispatched calls, most frequent calls for service, traffic, investigations staffing, the Medical Examiner program, and the focus group feedback.  It concludes with a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of our operations. 

Stay Tuned! – The Police Foundation study will be posted on our website in the upcoming months once we receive a finalized version.

Thank you for your support.


Sheriff Corey Falls

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