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March 22, 2023
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Summer Recreation Crime Prevention Tips
JCSO Public Relations Officer
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Summer Recreation Crime Prevention Tips

JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. — As more people head outdoors during the summer months, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies offer a reminder to be vigilant and use common sense. Criminals are looking for opportunities to take advantage of you while you leave your vehicle unattended at places like boat ramps and trailheads.

Plan ahead and keep the following tips in mind:

* Choose well populated areas for recreation, when possible. Thieves don’t like witnesses.

* Do not leave valuables in your vehicle. Common targets include purses, wallets, cell phones, firearms, fishing gear, and high-end clothing.

* If you must leave your belongings behind - such as while traveling - hide them from view before arriving at your destination. Thieves will watch for people stashing purses and other valuables in the trunk.

* If you must store valuables in the trunk, lock your trunk latch so a thief accessing the vehicle interior can’t open the trunk.

* Do not leave a spare key in your car. If a thief finds it, the entire vehicle is likely to be stolen.

* Lock your doors! This suggestion is sometimes debated; but, remember that theft is a crime of opportunity. In most cases, thieves want to act quickly and quietly. If you make it difficult, they’ll move on.

* Report suspicious activity to local law enforcement. Provide detailed descriptions of vehicles and people.

* Have fun!


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