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September 17, 2021
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Vehicle Cited Twice for High Speeds in a Work Zone
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Vehicle Cited Twice for High Speeds in a Work Zone

Vehicle Cited Twice for High Speeds in a Work Zone


The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind drivers the importance of slowing down and staying alert through construction zones.    There are numerous areas in Jackson County where work crews are making changes to the roadways. 

 Just recently, a deputy clocked a vehicle in the southbound lanes of Interstate 5, near Gold Hill, traveling from 90-96 MPH, in a work zone.  Due to the congestion and traffic, the deputy, waited to pull the car over.  When the deputy was in a safe position, he again clocked the vehicle, this time it was traveling at 101 MPH. 

 When the deputy was able to get a good look at the vehicle, he noticed it was a black and white Dodge Charger, and was equipped with a light bar and cage between the front and backseat, just like most law enforcement vehicles.  However, it had no law enforcement markings on it.  The inside of the vehicle was outfitted with other law enforcement tools.  The deputy asked the driver to activate the overhead lights from the light bar and they were red and blue.  When the license plate was run, it returned to a security company based out of Merlin, called County Fire and Security.

 The driver was cited for 96 in a 65, 101 in a 65, Careless Driving, Nonstandard Lighting Equipment, and Failure to Carry Proof of Insurance.  Total value of the ticket was $3,220.

The number one reason work zone crashes are caused is because drivers aren’t paying attention.  Typically, work zone crashes are more severe than any other type of crash.  According to the Federal Highway Administration, each year there are over 600 people who are killed in highway work zone crashes. 

 Be safe and slow down.



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