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September 26, 2023
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Weekly Update
Nathan Sickler
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Weekly Update

This week Captain Snaith talks about efforts to enhance rural patrols.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office strives to be responsive to the needs of our community.  During the recent process to select the Sheriff, it was brought to our attention by some citizens an increased patrol presence is needed in outlying rural areas.

Through a continued effort to diligently serve the county, we have begun to implement new steps to address this concern.  Overtime has been allocated for deputies to specifically patrol areas which may be currently underserved.  In addition, deputies will be encouraged to frequent our satellite offices and use any available “down time” during their shift to increase the patrol presence in outlying regions.

We will be working to identify rural areas where there has been an increase in criminal and/or suspicious activity and specifically address them.  We are also planning to meet with community leaders in our rural areas so that their needs and concerns can be specifically addressed in a timely manner.

We are dedicated to meet the needs of Jackson County, which encompasses more than 2800 square miles.  This can be difficult at times with the limited resources available, yet through a concerted effort, we are committed to providing the highest service level possible.  We value any feedback you may wish to provide on this matter. 


Thank you for your continued support,


Captain Tim Snaith

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