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September 23, 2023
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Weekly Update
Nathan Sickler
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Weekly Update

Traffic enforcement

We had yet another fatal motor vehicle crash last evening, adding to the unusually high total thus far in 2016.  There are many variables when it comes to determining the cause for these crashes but we are doing what we can to try and curb this unnecessary tragedy. 

Starting at the end of September our staffing finally reached a point to where we could dedicate two traffic deputies to focus on impaired driving.  These deputies work into the evening hours when they are more likely, based on national statistics and our own calls for service, to encounter impaired drivers.   

We plan on developing our traffic team further by January and will be focusing on Driving under the influence, Distracted driving, and Aggressive driving.  For now we are trying to focus on driving under the influence as many of our fatal crashes are a result of impairment. 

Driving under the influence is a problem that needs community and law enforcement involvement to address effectively.  We have substantially increased our efforts to pro-actively enforce DUII laws but that is a small piece of the equation to make our roads safer.  We need good folks to say something if they see someone getting behind the wheel who may have had too much to drink.  We need folks to call us when they are behind a suspected impaired driver and we need people to make better choices. 

Let’s work together to keep our roadways safe and impaired drivers off the road.  Stay tuned for more information on impaired driving and tips to prevent impaired driving during the holidays.


Take Care,



Captain Sickler

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