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September 21, 2023
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Weekly Update
Nathan Sickler
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Weekly Update

This week Sheriff Falls provides some tips to stay safe over the Halloween weekend.

The fall is my favorite season of year and this weekend can’t be a better example of what fall has to offer.  There is hunting season, the start of the NBA, the World Series, Friday night high school football, Saturday college football, NFL Sunday, capped off with Monday night football on Halloween.  With the possibility of Halloween, World Series and Football parties to discuss exaggerated hunting stories; these different venues bring a lot of activity.  With an anticipated bad weather weekend I wanted to provide some safety tips for our citizens.

  • We have seen an increase in drunk driving and driving while impaired.  Please plan ahead and identify a designated driver if you are going to be out. 

  • Halloween brings an increase of foot traffic on the streets, often by children who are hard to see.  Please be aware of the extra foot traffic when traveling this weekend through Monday. 

  • Caution your children not to hide behind cars or jump out into the street while walking around.

  • Law enforcement costumes are popular (thanks for the support) however, they can be confusing for some citizens when an older looking person dressed like a police officer shows up at your door.  If there is any concern about the legitimacy of an officer at your door you can call our non-emergency dispatch number at (541) 776-7208 to verify.  If it is an emergency please dial 911.

Have a happy safe weekend. 

Take care,


Sheriff Corey Falls

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