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September 22, 2023
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Nathan Sickler
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Weekly Update - Operations Division

    This past year we have seen an increase in theft reports overall. Specifically, we have seen an increase of thefts from vehicles (car clouts) and thefts from buildings.  One of the reasons for this increase is the drug problem we have in Jackson County.  Over the past two years we have seen more and more Heroin come into the Rogue Valley.  

    Heroin is a very addictive substance and the withdraw symptoms are unpleasant for the user.  Those addicted to Heroin also have to use the drug, or a similar substitute, several times a day to avoid the withdraw symptoms.  These drugs cost money, up to a couple hundred dollars a day, and those addicted to drugs rarely hold down steady employment so theft is common way to fund their habits.  

    If you have a drug addiction there are several resources in Jackson County to assist you with recovery. 

Crime Prevention Tips

  • Always lock your vehicle whether it’s parked in a parking lot or in your driveway. 

  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle such as purses, firearms, money, phones, computers or other electronics.  If you must leave things of value in your vehicle, lock them in the trunk or hide them out of view from potential thieves. 

  • Lock the doors and windows to your residence when you are not home and at night.  Even if it is warm out, consider leaving first floor windows shut and locked.

  • Don’t advertise you are out of town or away from your residence for extended periods of time.  This includes doing so on Social Media.

  • Talk to your neighbors and pay attention to your neighborhood.  

  •  Invest in an alarm for your home and/or business.  

    We value our relationship with community and need your help to make the Rogue Valley a great place to live.  We do the best job we can with the resources provided to us and take pride in solving problems and solving crime but the reality is we cannot be everywhere all the time.  Public safety is all of our responsibility.  


Thank you,


Captain Sickler

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