Jackson County, Oregon, USA
Jackson County Courthouse
10 South Oakdale, Room 318
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April 17, 2021
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About Us

The Jackson County Surveyor’s Office was established at the time of Oregon’s statehood. Since this time, the department has served as the survey and land records information center for Jackson County; housing over 150 years of records. We protect the interest of the public, by ensuring that all surveys are performed in accordance with Oregon Revised statutes and local ordinances. The department has a long standing history of outstanding public service.

Since statehood the County Surveyor’s Office has actively restored and maintained public land survey corners (Government Corners) which are the foundation of all land ownership and land division in Jackson County. There are approximately 20,000 of these government corners in Jackson County. The physical corner point is marked on the surface of the earth with a survey monument; thus transferring our land ownership system to the ground.
Geodesy is the science that determines the size and shape of the earth. The County Surveyor’s Office performs Geodetic Surveys to determine precise latitudes, longitudes and heights in relation to the mass center of the earth.  Geodetic survey positions frequently serve as survey control and are an active part of the surveyor’s office government corner restoration program. 

The Surveyor’s Office collaborates with other county departments providing professional services in support of their objectives to efficiently and effectively serve the citizens of Jackson County.

Scott Fein - Jackson County Surveyor

Scott FeinScott Fein is currently serving as County Surveyor. Scott has been with the Jackson County Surveyor’s Office since 2006 and has served as County Surveyor since late 2012.

Scott Fein is a licensed Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) in Oregon and is registered with the Oregon State Board of Engineering Examiners and Land Surveyors. Additionally, Scott is a licensed Certified Water Rights Examiner (CWRE) in Oregon and a licensed Professional Land Surveyor in Idaho. Scott is one of 600 Certified Federal Surveyors (CFEDS) nationwide.

Scott is actively involved in many professional organizations including the Oregon Association of County Surveyors and Engineers (OACES), the Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon (PLSO), the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS), and the Oregon GPS Users Group (OGUG). 

Latest News


Modified Access to County Offices - COVID-19 Notice

In the interest of protecting the safety of both Jackson County's citizens and our employees, County offices are transitioning to minimize in-person contact among both staff and the public by conducting business via the telephone, email, internet, and in-person appointments only when necessary. Please feel free to call us at 541-774-6191 for an appointment or email us at: Surveyor@jacksoncounty.org. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. These measures will remain in effect until further notice.


New Reference Station Coordinates

Beginning 1/11/16 the County Surveyor's reference station will be broadcasting a position based on NAD83(2011)EPOCH 2010.0000. Rinex files will also carry the NAD83(2011)EPOCH 2010.0000 position.


Fee Schedule on Map, Plat Review & Filing Shall Not Increase for Fiscal Year 2015

As a self supporting department with no general fund support the County Surveyor's Office is pleased to announce that there shall be no changes in fees as we enter fiscal year from 2014. In an economy which sees ever increasing costs across all spectrum's; would like to thank our hard working staff who continues to find ways to improve operational efficiency to keep costs in check. We are proud to pass efficiency generated savings onto the public.



Surveyor's Office Makes Records Instantly Available Online

The County Surveyor’s Office is proud to offer expanded services to the citizens of Jackson County.

Effective August 7, 2014 the County Surveyor’s Office has made all filed survey records from 1947 to present instantly available to the public through the Surveyor’s web site (www.jacksoncountyor.org/surveyor).

You can determine if a record exists for a specific property through the Survey Index Map application and subsequently obtain a copy of a survey though the Survey Records page. As always please feel free to visit us to obtain large format print copies. Survey records.Surveys have been required to be filed with the County Surveyor since 1947 per state law; however the County Surveyor has records dating back to 1850 which can be obtained by visiting the office and are in the process of being converted to digital format.



Jackson County Surveyor, Scott Fein is now a Certified Federal Surveyor

County Surveyor, Scott Fein has joined an elite group of Land Surveyors by becoming a Certified Federal Surveyor (CFEDS). Surveyors who hold this certification are trained by the U.S. Department of the Interior to address our nations most complex boundary and land title issues. There are only 600 CFEDS nationwide, this is a true benefit to the citizens of Jackson County.


Jackson County Surveyor releases a new website with increased public service.

You can now access the Survey Index Map online providing you a geographic locator to all surveys filed in Jackson County since 1947. Additionally, you can subscribe to access all of the surveys and plats for a flat rate through the Survey Records page.

The Roll Map Index is online under the services tab to help you determine which roll map record you need.

Substantial effort has been placed into compiling our records into digital form.

Our staff is very proud to offer you this new site, we hope you find it useful, enjoy!