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September 23, 2023
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Survey Project Status

Welcome to the Survey Project Status page. Here, you are able to view where your survey project is in the intake and review process. All projects are typically reviewed in the order in which they are received. Review and filing time frames are dictated by Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) as outlined in the map and plat policies. Map and plat submittals often fluctuate up to 500% on a weekly basis. Please be aware that requirements of other departments, municipalities, and agencies may delay the review and filing of your project. Other factors that can delay the review process are incomplete submittals, gross inadequacies on the map or plat, fees not being paid, and mylars being submitted instead of draft copies.

All surveys are reviewed within 30 days of receipt and returned to the project surveyor provided that all fees have been paid. Within 30 days of receiving notice of review, all surveys shall be filed on mylar (per ORS 209.250 (4) (a) (b)). Please refer to the filing extension form and guidelines for converting land division plats and property line adjustments to maps of survey when timelines cannot be met.

Our staff places extreme emphasis on reviewing each project as quickly as possible. This page is updated daily for your convenience.  Please email us at surveyor@jacksoncounty.org if you should have any questions.


Survey Project Status Updates
9/21/2023 4:03 PM