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September 30, 2023
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Survey Index Map

The County Surveyor’s Office provides the Survey Index Map as an online tool to assist the public in locating County surveys of record. To use the application, please review the instructions below. For questions, comments or additional help accessing recorded surveys, please contact us at 541-774-6191.

How to Locate a Survey

To open the Survey Index Map, click the green button entitled “Launch Interactive Map.” Next, read and agree to the terms and conditions, and click OK. 

The easiest method to locate a survey is to enter identifying information in the Search Box, which is located in the upper left corner of the Survey Index Map.

Search Box50


To check whether a survey exists for a given property, enter one of the following in the Search Box:

  • Street address (e.g., 109 Oak Dr)
  • Map and tax lot number (e.g., 372W01A6600)
  • Tax account number (e.g., 10461390)

From the list of results, select the correct match. The map will zoom to the selected tax lot, which will be outlined in turquoise, and a popup box entitled Taxlots will appear.

Close the Taxlots popup. Observe whether there is a red polygon surrounding your property of interest. (Red polygons represent surveys.) If so, click your mouse inside the red polygon and a popup box entitled County Surveys will open. Scroll down in the popup and click "More info" to open the survey plat. (Note that if no survey exists, the Taxlots popup will re-open when you click.)

More Info torn4 75

If more than one recorded survey exists for your property of interest, the popup box will indicate multiple records. For example, “1 of 5”, as shown below, may indicate that four surveys and one tax lot were accessed by your mouse click. You can access the next record by clicking the arrow in the upper right corner of the popup box.

One of Five torn  85


If you are searching for a specific survey plat, enter one of the following in the Search Box:

  • Survey Number, (e.g., 12345)
  • Subdivision Name (e.g., Sunshine Village)
  • Partition Number (e.g., P-19-2003)

In the list of results, select the correct match. The map will zoom to the geographic area covered by the survey plat (which will be outlined in turquoise) and a popup box entitled County Surveys will appear.

To view the survey, scroll down in the popup and click "More info". The plat will open in another window.


If you are unable to locate your property of interest using the Search Box, you can use map navigation tools to zoom and pan to it. To zoom in and out, click the (+) and (-) buttons located in the upper left of the map. To pan, click, hold down the mouse, and drag the map. Once you’ve located your property of interest, click in the center of the it. If survey record(s) exist, the County Surveys popup box will open. Follow the directions above to view the survey document(s).

         Launch Interactive Map
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Survey Index Map
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Survey Records by File Name

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