Beware disaster-related fraud and scams

Criminals often try to take advantage of disaster survivors by posing as aid workers, charities, insurance agents, or government officials. Real aid workers never ask for money and always carry official identification.

Latest Updates from Emergency Operations Center

Watch Video Press Conferences

John Vial of the Emergency Operations Center presented an update concerning overall efforts & upcoming deadlines.

Apply for FEMA even if you have insurance

Even those who have insurance may be eligible, but you must register before the deadline.  FEMA may be able to cover gaps in insurance benefits for qualified applicants.

Oct 23 Deadline to apply for Disaster Unemployment

If you lost your job or had hours reduced as a direct result of the fires, you may be able to get Disaster Unemployment payments, even if you’re not eligible for regular unemployment benefits. The deadline to apply is Oct. 23, 2020. Learn more in English or Spanish.

Fire insurance claims - Know your rights

What to do if insurance isn't covering all your losses, or if you're feeling mistreated by your insurance company.

Cleanup costs and insurance

What does cleanup cost?  Does government pay, or insurance?  Should I let a contractor do the work now?